6 Things to avoid for good communication with your clients

6 Things to avoid for good communication with your clients

The communication processes are fundamental aspect in any company, through them a link with customers is established and a brand image is projected. Thus, if we want to retain customers, we must take special care of them and ensure that we deliver everything we promise, to project a good image and carry out effective communication.

Here are 6 ways in which communication with customers affects your business:

1. Creating expectations that can’t be met

Nobody likes to feel conned or cheated. Therefore, when communicating, you should never add features or attributes to a product that does not have them. This harms and damages the relationship, generates dissatisfied customers, who complain and sometimes go to the national entity that regulates customer service (SERNAC in Chile). In this way, you can become a company that owns the title of not delivering what is promised, and that is not a good one.

2. Delay certain deadlines

Whenever something is promised to the customer, it must be fulfilled. In this way, the focus doesn’t have to be only on whether the product complies with what is offered, we must also consider everything that leads to a good customer experience. In aspects such as e-mail, not answering the emails sent by customers on time has proven to be one of the main causes of dissatisfaction with suppliers of products and services. Also, the guarantees of the products must be fulfilled, and you should never avoid solving problems during the stipulated time.

3. Comparing yourself with the competition

A company must always position itself as a leader on its own merits. Given this, comparing yourself to other companies or even talking badly of them, generates little credibility and reflects little experience, because your products and / or services must be able to be sold by their own characteristics, that is, they must be able to stand alone and be valued for their functionality and quality.

4. Overwhelming them with information

The processes of communication with the client must always be effective, so the message that the company projects should always be clear and concise. Given this, you should never “stun” the customer with information, because eventually they will not understand what we want to say and, far from attracting them, we will be encouraging them to move away from our brand.

5. Delivering confusing information

Many times, we have too many ideas and we cannot knit them together. Therefore, it is essential to always have a clear concept that directs our message. This gives strength to a company and to the vision that customers have about a brand. You should always be clear about what you want to communicate, and you should follow that same line in all communication channels. In this way we will be projecting a clear, professional image and we will be delivering a concept.

6. Neglecting the language

Maintaining a good level of spelling and writing in documents or emails where we communicate with clients has special relevance, because if we want to project a serious and professional image, we must communicate in the same way with our clients, even within informal contexts. An error in this area makes us lose credibility and projects a bad image of the company.

If we want to retain customers, not only do we need to sell quality products, but we must also project an image to them that speaks for itself. Also, we must create effective communication processes with customers, through which our brand and products are positioned successfully.