Why is it important to prioritize emails in your company?

Why is it important to prioritize emails in your company?

The efficient use of email is one of the greatest challenges for companies today. In a world where executives are overburdened by diverse queries, spam, and other types of email interactions, it is of vital importance to optimize and manage responsibly the messages we receive every day.

A company that prioritizes email will always be at the forefront: the benefits of email management will be reflected in a decrease in costs, a greater fluidity in its relations with customers, and more efficient work. However, to make the use of email productive, it is necessary to understand how to organize, categorize, and prioritize messages, so that email becomes an assistant in day-to-day tasks.

Categorization of messages: making the most of email

An email prioritization and categorization service should offer the necessary tools to help you focus on the most important messages in the shortest possible time, resulting in the optimization and acceleration of sales processes, customer service, and more. Response times can be seriously affected by the large amount of information that executives receive daily, which makes tools like this an imperative necessity.

These tools permit closer and more authentic exchanges with clients, making for more efficient time management. Categorization allows for the improvement of relations with customers and the optimization of working time, but its benefits go even further.

Greater speed

Email facilitates both internal and external communications. As an effective channel for the transmission of messages, an optimally organized inbox can be very useful to deliver information clearly and fast.

Around 50% of the business opportunities that reach executives’ emails receive no reply, mainly due to deficient inbox organization. A company that classifies and prioritizes email adopts a corporate culture that is committed to helping executives understand how to better organize their capabilities and optimize their workflow.

The use of email contributes to problem solving, making processes faster and more practical. Why set up a meeting when certain topics can be addressed by email? In this sense, the prioritization and categorization of messages is vital.

Greater efficiency

Priority email management through software can considerably improve the productivity levels of a company. It is estimated that an executive can receive over a hundred emails a day, which obstructs attention rates and prevents the delivery of timely responses.

In this sense, categorization is vital for both companies and customers to optimize their processes and avoid difficulties such as:

  • Failing to provide timely and clear answers to clients.
  • Failing to address a sale opportunity due to email overload.
  • Letting matters of vital importance pass because they were not identified on time.

As far as costs are concerned, a system of prioritization and categorization of emails can be very profitable, since it allows executives to organize their time around the most important tasks.

Categorizing, prioritizing and qualifying are actions that can maximize the benefits of email for businesses. However, it is important to opt for an experienced provider when considering adopting this type of tool. Only thus will the effectiveness of the implementation be guaranteed.