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Can AI be an emotional companion for humans?

"In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technological advances are rapidly transforming the way we interact with the world around us..."

Learn to organize yourself on time with the tasks of your business

A study by GfK Adimark and Mercado Libre revealed that 74% of Chilean online consumers increased their purchases in the last year...

Early warnings and quick responses: AI in the fight against disasters in Chile.

"While artificial intelligence cannot predict natural disasters with absolute certainty, its role is crucial as it provides information..."

Can AI be an emotional companion for humans?

"Technological advancements are rapidly transforming the way we engage with the world around us. One of the most thrilling developments is the AI's ability..."

"Chile is among the countries most prone to natural disasters..."

"Artificial intelligence has made significant strides in the field of natural disasters, as it can anticipate these catastrophes through data analysis and the utilization of..."

Aitana López, a super-viral influencer, has a secret that...

"We are entering an era where it will be very difficult to discern if content is real or fictitious. We will no longer be able to trust almost anything published digitally..."

Cyberattacks on financial institutions on the rise: Current figures and issues.

"Investing in advanced technologies, such as real-time threat detection and response solutions, is among the measures these companies must enhance..."

After 2,000 years of waiting, a 21-year-old student deciphers a...

"Artificial intelligence is based on the ability to learn from history, whether through text analysis, images, or videos, and through the recognition of..."

Entrepreneurs Work Café Startup: New talents for the digital world.

"How to enhance human capital development? This week on Entrepreneurs Work Café Startup, we address why it is so relevant..."

Exclusively for entrepreneurs: How to start a Tech Startup in Chile?

"In the latest report by Bav Group and the Wharton Business School, Chile ranks as the fourth-best country in Latin America for entrepreneurship..."

Chile, the fourth-best country for entrepreneurship: Tips to start your own Startup.

"According to the Global Report Index by Bav Group and the Wharton Business School, highlighting countries with the most significant entrepreneurial ecosystems, Chile ranks as the fourth-best place..."

Chile leads in Artificial Intelligence in Latin America, yet challenges persist.

"In a conversation with Futuro 360, Sebastián Guitiérrez, Country Manager of Coderhouse Chile, and José Miguel Tobar, Director of Artificial Intelligence and Innovation at Wird, discussed..."

Study ranks Chile as the 4th country with the most cyberattack attempts globally.

"There are still many individuals uninformed about cybersecurity practices, making them more susceptible to falling into online traps..."

AI: Latin America's Opportunity to Lead the World.

"In Latin America, we were late to major technological revolutions: it took us years to massively adopt the internet, we missed the boom of early startups..."

Without Artificial Intelligence: only 10% of workers receive job training.

"The integration of Artificial Intelligence into labor education is changing how professionals acquire new knowledge and skills in their work environment..."

How to transform ChatGPT into your personal assistant.

"Can ChatGPT be turned into a personal assistant? Can we ask it to help us with the most routine or repetitive parts of work to optimize time?..."

Can AI be an emotional companion for humans?

"In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technological advancements are rapidly transforming how we interact with the world around us..."

Employees seek to develop job skills through Artificial Intelligence.

"The integration of AI into workplace education is changing how professionals acquire new knowledge and skills in their working environment..."

Entrepreneurship with AI: Businesses without borders.

"This tool not only focuses on task automation but also drives creativity, fosters critical thinking development, and provides leisure opportunities."

It's not science fiction! AI is shaping our future.

"Technological innovation continues to open a world of possibilities, transforming the way we interact across various societal domains..."

Why Twitter is crucial for the success of Elon Musk's new AI company.

'It would be odd if xAI didn't use all the available information from Twitter to train its language models,' states José Miguel Tobar..."

How to transform ChatGPT into your personal assistant.

"Would you like someone (or something) to take care of the most monotonous and boring parts of your work? This tool can function as a right-hand assistant, but for that, you need to..."

How to catch the wave of Artificial Intelligence?

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a highlight in investment portfolios in 2023, arousing curiosity among some investors. With promises of radical transformation, this technology has positioned itself..."

Microsoft's Copilot, the new artificial intelligence that will assist in daily tasks.

"The tool will integrate into functions already offered by the operating system through its use in Office, among other applications..."

The mysterious human figure discovered by Japanese scientists with the help of AI in the Nazca Lines.

"An archaeologist from the Pre-Columbian Museum explains the origin of the image, while AI experts reveal how deep learning works..."

How does AI impact shopping and consumption?

"According to a McKinsey report, AI is expected to have a significant impact on consumption in the coming years. It is estimated that by 2030..."

The future is now | Alejandro Feuereinsen, CEO of Wird.

"In Cuatro Cabezas, we converse with the Executive Director of the startup that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to enhance the customer experience..."

How the cloud empowers small businesses.

"While large companies have been working with cloud technology for years, entrepreneurs and newly established business owners can..."

Wholemeaning uses AI to enhance customer experience.

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way companies interact with..."

How GPT can benefit the customer service experience?

"Major retailers in our country like Cencosud, Salcobrand, and Falabella are using this..."

What do Chilean companies use Artificial Intelligence for?

"Banking and retail are the main users of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the innovative technology..."

Fernanda Urrejola reports that someone hacked her social media: Now they demand over $4 million.

"The national artist posted several screenshots to expose the extortion and asked for help. In response, specialists provided..."

Increase in cyberattacks in Chile in 2023: What the numbers say, the most common forms, and the consequences.

"The current Chilean landscape, data variations, how hackers operate, and the..."

70% of companies in Chile use Artificial Intelligence – How does it affect us?

"Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among the most economically promising innovative technologies in the short and medium term globally. According to a report from the German portal..."

"It's a debunked myth: artificial intelligence won't take away jobs."

"One of the latest innovations making waves globally is ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence that has achieved..."

The customer exodus as the main issue to solve in 2023.

"Poor communication and extended response times are some of the reasons why customers leave. The solution...?"

Email, WhatsApp, and Google: Will they still exist in ten years?

"Here, we reconstruct the past, present, and future of indispensable digital tools in our daily lives..."

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