We leverage artificial intelligence for your company to enhance communication and drive profitability.

We leverage artificial intelligence for your company to enhance communication and drive profitability.

We optimize your communication flows and channels through Artificial Intelligence, saving you time and improving your efficiency.

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Artificial Intelligence to

Make your communications profitable

We adapt to the tool you prefer

Compatibilidad de Plataformas Wird
Compatibilidad de Plataformas Wird



Multiple Interactions

Connection to Management Systems and Direct to the Channel

Interpret With Multiple Technologies

Action + Feedback

Plataforma de Wird

Workload of your agents

Inflow analysis and management

Get crucial information about agents, their workload, and their management in the company. Allows supervisors to compare agent load and performance, allowing them to make decisions based on real-time metrics.

Our Products:

Wird Core +

It is our base module, it consists of our ability to interpret conversations through various contact channels to automatically generate actions that are activated through the 4 remaining modules.


soluciones con IA


inteligencia artificial




sistema de gestión

360 Management

interacción con clientes


Plataforma de Wird

Manage your conversations with Artificial Intelligence

Manage and track pending customer communications in a visual and organized way. It works based on Organization by Priority, Level Assignment, Pending Tracking and Pending Resolution.

rentabilizamos comunicaciones, empresas con ia, empresas de ia, ia para empresas, plataforma de ia

In Wird always

We Provide Security and Confidence to All Our Clients

We developed a robust environment for our product, where we define and demand internally, implement the best practices of security and information processing in all our operations.

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